Frequently Asked Questions when starting 7 ON 7 Football

 rev. 11/27/2018

How do I start a 7 on 7 Team?

It's easy to start a 7 on 7 team. First, you must have a coach in compliance with your state interscholastic bylaws. Then, build your roster of 7-20 players who would like to participate in a 7 on 7 tournament.  Develop a practice schedule (most teams practice once or twice a week), as well as determine what tournaments/leagues your team would like to enter. (See below or 
Tournament Rules for further information on player-age eligibility and questions regarding players attending the same school.)

How many players can we bring to a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

We encourage teams to bring at least 10 players to each PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 tournament, but only 7 are needed to play. Teams are permitted to have up to 20 players on their roster.

Does my 7 on 7 Team have to come from the same school?
For 10th/11th Grade division teams (based on next year's school year): Squad members must be enrolled in the same high school.  Squad members attending private school see Rule-8-I on our Tournament Rules page. 

For 8th and 9th grade division teams (based on next year’s school year): Squad members may attend different middle schools and/or junior high schools provided each school is zoned to feed the same high school. Squad members attending private school see Rule 8-I on our Tournament Rules page.

For 7th grade division teams and younger (based on the
2019-2020 school year): We strongly recommend teams follow the 8th and 9th grade division rules, however we understand many players do not know where they will be attending high school at this age. Therefore, squad members must follow the rules for Maximum Age shown in the Eligibility Chart.

Can school coaches coach 7 on 7 teams?

While the rules vary from state to state, public school coaches in the state of Texas are not permitted to coach their school's 7 on 7 team during the offseason (see 
Tournament Rules for more details).

What kind of plays should my team run?

Generally, we suggest that your team start by running offensive and defensive plays that are run by your school (or regular) team. For offensive plays, no passer may run with the ball. All passes must be forward. The only laterals allowed are laterals that occur after the completion of a forward pass.

Should I have only a quarterback, wide receivers and defensive backs on my 7 on 7 team?

While 7 on 7 football showcases quarterbacks, wide receivers and defensive backs, we recommend running your base personnel (including linebackers and running backs), as 7 on 7 will provide meaningful, relevant experience for those positions as well.

Can the team coach be on the field with the team?

For 7th grade divisions (teams entering the 7th grade in the fall) and below, one coach is allowed on the field for the team's offensive possession.  The coach must remain behind all offensive players at all times.  A coach is not allowed on the field if the team is playing up in the 8th grade (teams entering the 8th grade in the fall) division.

What are the rules for 7 on 7 football?

See the rules at 
Tournament Rules.

Any other helpful hints for managing a 7 on 7 team?

Most teams use note cards to develop a 'playbook'. The center usually carries the note cards, attached to a single ring, so the players can easily see and call plays during the game.

How do I register for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Tournament registration is online. Go to the Tournament Calendar. There, you will be directed to the online registration form and directions on how to submit payment.

How much does each 7 on 7 Tournament cost?

All regular season PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournaments cost $270 per team (or less if the team opts to purchase a Multi-Tournament Package - see below for more details). The PrimeTime Sports Tournament of Champions cost $375 per team.

How does the multi-tournament discount work?

Teams can now receive a discount when they enter into and pay for 3 or more regular season tournaments at once (the Tournament of Champions is not eligible for this discount). At the time of registration, teams must choose the specific dates of the tournaments they would like to participate in. Once all the tournament dates are selected, teams will pay one fee equal to $240 per tournament times the number of tournaments that they enter at that time (minimum of 3 tournaments).

You can find more details about this discount on our registration pages (see 
Tournament Calendar).
When is the cutoff for registering for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Teams must register for a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament at least 10 days prior to the Tournament Date.

When and where is tournament check-in and what do we need to bring to check-in?

Tournament check-in will be held approximately 45 minutes prior to the start of tournament. Teams are required to provide their Parent Participation Agreement at the time of check-in. Your team will also need to have each player’s current report card and copy of birth certificate on hand at the tournament. If a player’s eligibility is questioned, you will need to provide both of these items to verify his grade and age.

When are schedules for each tournament posted?

The schedules for each tournament will generally be posted to this website by Wednesday the week of the tournament (may be earlier in some instances).

How do I qualify for the Tournament of Champions?

Teams qualify for the Tournament of Champions by finishing either first or second in pool play at any PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament.

Where do you get your referees?

PrimeTime Sports only uses qualified, certified officials to referee PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. We obtain our referees through experienced 7 on 7 referee assignors for the region where the tournament will be held. All of the referees at PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournaments have prior 7 on 7 referee experience.

How can I host a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Tournament?

Call our Football line at 972 355-3788 x4 or email if you are interested in hosting a PrimeTime Sports 7 on 7 Football Tournament.


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