Building Kings On and Off the Court

By: Charles Campbell
05/10/2017 2:21 PM -

The United Kings are a relatively new program on the youth basketball scene. With 10 teams across multiple age groups, the Frisco, TX based team brings a holistic approach to helping aspiring players achieve their dreams.

“Basketball is a tool for us to help build young men,” said 8th grade coach Doug Terfehr.

Kings is an acronym for “Kings Igniting Next Generation Success”.

 “We want these young men learning about character and giving back on top of being the best basketball players they can be, said Terfehr.” “Players and coaches in our organization divide our time between basketball and community service.  We visit elementary schools and read with students, host fundraisers to support other causes, and we’ve even adopted John W Elliott Drive here in Frisco. It’s not just good enough for us to talk about these things to our players but it’s important for us to actually do them. Our fundraisers aren’t just for us but we want the players to see that giving back is one of the greatest things you can do in life.”

With an abundance of off the court success, the Kings are also achieving on the court success.

The 8th grade Kings boast a three headed monster in Kenmunta Miller, Jeremiah Patton, and Cody Opoku-Darko but are a complete team.

“The kids in our program learn the concept of team ball and we also provide an elite skill development curriculum. We are not sacrificing one for the other, we want to build complete basketball players.”

As of May 10th Coach Terfehr’s team is ranked in the top 30 of the Q-Point rankings, which features teams across the southwest region.

In an age where entitlement and consumption is rampant among the grassroots basketball community, the Kings are teaching a brand of basketball that will endure far beyond the last bounce of the ball. 

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