CUTtheNETS Develops Top Houston Talent

By: Matt Malatesta
05/26/2015 11:30 AM -


CUTtheNETS is one of the top basketball programs in north Houston and has been a tremendous training ground for local athletes looking to take their game to the next level. 


Founded on teaching individual skills and team fundamentals, CUTtheNETS stresses concepts such as spacing, court balance and reading the defense. Simple skills that will help kids improve their all-around game, making them versatile polished athletes versed in the game


“We try to teach the art of basketball to our kids, not just let them play mindlessly,” founder Will Burkholder, who played and coached at UNC-Charlotte said. “Basketball has changed so much to an individual game but we preach team-basketball. We start with all of the fundamentals and get more advanced from there.”


CTN offers leagues and programs for boys and girls in the third grade thru high school and CTN offers select boys teams from fifth grade through high school.


“We understand that athletes don’t develop at the same rate,” Burkholder said. “There are some kids who are much more advanced physically in middle school through high school. Then there are some who are late-bloomers and need to work on strength and skills. We work with all levels.”


Director of Programs Lance Craft oversees the inner workings on a day to day basis.


“We see a lot of programs that are like fantasy teams,” Craft said. “But there aren’t enough balls to go around. In the 70s, my favorite players were the glue guys, the hustlers. Now there’s less attention to a true-team environment and more attention on what a player can do individually. All the best kids are on one team without anyone doing the glue-work and it stifles their development.”


Craft also sees a growing trend of kids bouncing from program to program.


“Families who are perseverant through their development make it far,” Craft said. “We typically get the kids that are not as gifted athletically, but work hard on their fundamentals skills and that proves to be successful in the long run. Some people give up on a program too quickly and don’t think about their future. They skip steps in their development, which is an advantage for our program since we focus on the fundamentals throughout the process.”


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