Outdoor Tournament Paperwork

Participation Agreement  -  Must be signed by one parent for each player participating in the tournament for each team. Upload a completed copy to your GotSoccer team account ("Documents" tab) for each tournament by Wednesday at 5:00pm prior to the tournament.

PrimeTime Sports Tournament Game Report -  Can be used instead of GotSoccer Game Card

Tournament Rules

NTSSA Academy Tournament Roster  - Only for U7-U10 NTSSA Academy teams with players registered with NTSSA as Academy players.This roster must be signed by an NTSSA Home Association Registrar 

US Club Soccer Player Loan Form  -  Only for guest players registered to a US Club Soccer team playing as a guest for another US Club Soccer team.  MAY NOT be used for un-registered players nor for a US Club Soccer player who is playing as a guest on a team using a NTSSA (US Youth) Official Roster.  



 Outdoor League Paperwork


League Game Report

Incident Reporting Form

Parent Conduct



5v5 Indoor League Paperwork

5v5 League Game Roster  -  Give one completed copy to referee at each game with all player names and jersey numbers listed for that game. 

5v5 Playing Rules 



Basketball Events

Date City, State Register
Basketball Jul 20, 2019 Dallas, TX Register
Basketball Jul 20, 2019 Houston, TX Register
Basketball Jul 24, 2019 Dallas, TX Register

Football and Soccer Events

Date City, State Register